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[Hypermol EK] Ubiquitin - Atto (human, recombinant)


Ubiquitin - Atto (human, recombinant)

Next generation fluorescence



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  • Strong fluorescence

  • Highly labelling

  • Ready-to-use




  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • FRET
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Biochemical assays.



Ubiquitin - Atto488 (human, recombinant)





Ubiquitin - Atto488 / Atto565 / Atto647



Human, recombinant

Molecular mass




Protein description
















Ubiquitin is a ubiquitos regulatory protein (8.5kDa) that can be conjugated to substrate

proteins by subsequent actions of enzymes, such as:: E1 - class of Ubiquitin

activating enzymes, E2 - class of Ubiquitin  conjugating enzymes and E3- class of

Ubiquitin ligases, All assays have to be optimized for the individual set up and it is

recommended to start with initial concentration of Ubiquitin-Atto488/ Atto565/ Atto647

of 0.01-0.5mM.

Atto488/ Atto565/ Atto647-labeled ubiquitin is used as a general research tool or in

high throughput assays (HTS) to monitor protein ubiquitination. The labelling method

of the ubiquitin protein keeps all lysines functional for further and guarantees the full

function of the protein.

Ubiquitin-Atto488 (λex 501nm,λem 523nm).

Ubiquitin-Atto565 (λex 563nm,λem 592nm).

Ubiquitin-Atto647 (λex 647nm,λem 669nm).


Conjugation ratio


This product is supplied with a degree of labelling (DOL) of ~1.





Lyophilized, ready-to-use



200 µg




20mM TES pH 7.4, 50mM KCl and 0.3% disaccharides, when reconstituted with 200 µl

ultrapure water to obtain a 1mg/ml solution.



>99% by scanning densitometry.

Purification notes


Purified by GPC.

Protein conc.


Determined by the Biuret method.


Storage instructions






Ubiquitin is stored at –70°C upon arrival and will be stable in performance for at least

6 months from the date of purchase. Solubilized ubiquitin is kept on ice and should

be used within 2 weeks. Avoid refreezing.  


Shipping conditions


At ambient temperature. Upon delivery store at -70°C.






For Use in Research only. Not for Use in Human or Veterinary Diagnostical or

Therapeutical Applications.



Table of dyes and light sources

Protein Sequence on NCBI



Ordering informations



Catalog No.



Product Name





Ubiquitin - Atto488 (human, recombinant)

Green fluorescent Ubiquitin  DOL= 0.6-0.1, >99% pure.


200 µg



Ubiquitin - Atto565 (human, recombinant)

Orange fluorescent Ubiquitin with a DOL= 1, >99% pure


200 µg



Ubiquitin - Atto647(human, recombinant)

Far red fluorescent ubiquitin with a DOL= 0.5-0.8, >99% pure.


200 µg



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