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[Hypermol EK] Actin Binding Protein, Vinculin tail


Actin Binding Protein, Vinculin tail (smooth muscle, turkey)



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Vinculin tail (Actin Binding Protein)






Vinculin tail





Smooth muscle, turkey


Molecular mass





Protein description








Vinculin tail is obtained by limited cleavage with protease V8 from S. aureus of

natively prepared smooth muscle vinculin from turkey gizzard. The C-terminal tail

region (851-1066) binds to F-actin and was shown to bundle actin filaments in vitro

(Hüttelmaier et al., 1997).

Since vinculin is autoinhibited by a head/tail interaction, the tail region is used to

characterize the actin interactions of vinculin.


Actin interaction


F-Actin binding protein fragment






Lyophilized, ready-to-use


Quantity per unit



1 x 50 µg






PBS, 0.5% disaccharides, when reconstituted with 50µl ultrapure water to obtain a

1mg/ml solution.





>99% by scanning densitometry from Coomassie G-250 stained SDS-Gels.


Purification notes



Purified from turkey gizzard muscle.


Protein conc.



Determined by the Biuret method.


Storage instructions







Vinculin tail is stored at -70°C upon arrival will be stable in performance for at least

6 months from the date of purchase. The Solubilized protein is kept on ice and

should be used within 2-3 weeks.

This product can also be stored as a glycerol stock at -20°C. Avoid repeated

freeze / thaw cycles.


Shipping conditions



At ambient temperature. Upon delivery store at -70°C.





For Use in Research only. Not for Use in Human or Veterinary Diagnostical or

Therapeutical applications.



Protein Sequence on NCBI

Protein Sequences and Structures on RCSB



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Actin Binding Protein, Vinculin tail

1 & 5 x 100 µg



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