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Feedback for Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation Kit
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What are our customers saying about

MinuteTMPlasma Membrane Protein Isolation Kit


“So I tried the kit, and it was pretty userfriendly over all, I like it. The amount of protein isolated was

consistent across the conditions that I tested!  I will use it a second time soon,but I wanted to ask you for

advice.  It seems like I detected a bit ofcytosolic protein in my membrane fraction, so I was wondering if

there is someway to wash the membrane pellet, perhaps with PBS then a quick spin.”


Aloha! Thanks for the advice.  I tried just what you said about washing and probing for actinfor a cytosol

fraction representation.  It worked perfectly; I would definitely recommend this kit to everyone!

--Robert Norton, University of Hawaii



“My nameis Jose Vazquez-Medina. I'm a postdoc at Penn. I've been using a BioVision'skit to extract plasma

membrane proteins from endothelial cells. Although thekit seems to work, it requires a lot of cells and my

KO cells grow very slow. Isaw your product and I'm very interested in see if it will solve my problem. My

boss, however, would not allow me to buy a different kit w/o showing him firstthat it is actually worth (He

actually suggested me to rather use the original70's sucrose gradient ultracentrifugation protocol....)

Therefore, I will really appreciate if you could send me some samples.”


“Thanks a lot for the papers and the clarifications. My boss has given me the OK to buyyour kit. I'll be

ordering it soon.”

--Jose Vazquez Medina, Univ of Penn



“We study the function of a protein that we believe interacts with membrane channelproteins during

necrosis.  We have submitted our findings for publication butreviewers are not happy with our cell

fractionation. We have tried kits from Peirceand Qiagen without much luck. Your kit with the column

purification step seemsto be different. We would like to give it a try.”

-- Swati Choksi, NIH


“I plan on trying this product for isolating plasma membrane proteins from rat kidney.  I’m studyingorganic

anion transporters 1 and 3 in the renal basolateral membrane.”


“Thank you for all this helpful information.  The article about actin in the membrane is very helpful.  I’ll

probably proceed with purchasing the Minute MembraneKit.  I’ve shared with my colleagues here at Wilkes.”

-- Adam VanWert, Wilkes University


“we would like to start research in proteomics of plasmamembrane proteins and therefore need a reliable,

fast and easy method. Since weare a virological group we are mainly interested in target cells of

differentviruses, e.g. T cells as targets of HIV.”


“The first test was quite good and up to right now I`m very satisfied with the kit. Now I keep on optimizing

the western blotsand I hope I can detect several plasma membrane proteins we are interested in!Thanks

for your support!”

-- Ralf Dürr, AG Dietrich, Germany


“Thank you for sending the trial kit for SM-005. We triedit and it works perfectly well and is very helpful to

our work. I wouldtherefore like to buy the full kit. We have also used buffer A to preparelysates for

immunoprecipitation and this works very well.  I would be grateful if you can let me know ifI should order

the kit  directly from you to be shipped to UK?  Many thanks and best wishes”

-- Camille, University of Hull



“Yes,it worked fairly well for cell fractionation….In any case, I will be orderingthis kit fairly soon as it just

makes things a lot faster. Thanks and have agreat week!”

-- Sebla,Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center


“I tried a sample ofthe Minute Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation kit.  It worked fairly welland I am seeking

guidance on how to optimize the protocol.  I haveattached western blots of my fractions blotted for Histone

H3, calnexin, GAPDHand Na/K ATPase. I have attached the blots as .tiff files (can be opened inphotoshop to

play with the levels if necessary) and as a pdf.  Please let me know if these are insufficient.” 

--Sara, University of Wisconsin Madison


Our lab has focused on stem cell and cancer basedresearches. Recently we have focused on membrane

proteins and have been tryingto identify proteins as markers in both stem and cancer cells. For thispurpose,

we have utilized 2 different membrane protein extraction kits fromother companies (one from Qiagen and

other one from Abcam). The yield withthese products was very low.  Based on description, your product

looks promising. I would like to know if you can provide me with some samples totest.                           


Oh yeah. This product is very useful. We are going to make bigger order…

-- Inan, Vanderbilt University Medical Center


“I wanted to thank youfor the help with the PM extraction kit in frozen mouse soleus. The NaK

ATPaseantibody did indeed work well to validate for us! Of course, as it turned out,it was differentially

expressed by genotype in our model, but this was enoughto convince me the kit was working and we’re

using caveolin-1 to normalize our bands to. So, thank you again!”

-- Shawna, Pennington Biomedical Research Center



I'll highly appreciate if you could send us a Minute™Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation Kit for testing with

our experiments onmembrane ion channel protein trafficking experiments.  We have been usingsurface

biotinylation; sometimes with success and on many occasions with nosuccess in actual quantification.  If

this kit works good, especially forexperiments with cells undergoing short-/medium-term treatment of

multiple pharmacological modulators, we would love to switch to this technology from ourconventional

surface biotinylation approaches. Thank you in advance.


Thanks for sending us the sample kit. It worked good forour experiments and I have now placed the order

for the 50-prep kit for ourexperiments. Thanks again!

-- DP, University of Iowa


I am interested in your minuteTMp ually an affinity purification procedure.  will you kindly send

me a free sample, if itpossible. If it works for me, we will continue to buy it for larger scale



Hallow, it works perfectly. I am testing with some plasma mem markers. later on sendyou the

picture. thank you

--dib  McGill University



The  plasma membrane kit worked in principle, I could see whopping  Na+K+ATPase levels

in P.M. and not in cytosol fraction.  However, the protein ofinterest was tiny. It is not to do

with the kit , probably with the endogenousexpression  of protein of interest. I would

recommend this too mycolleagues and purchase it as we plan our future experiments. 

Thanks once again for your free sample,

--Suresh,University of Minnesota



Other MinuteTM Protein isolation Kits



Hi! I would like to receive a sample of Minute Native Total Protein Extraction KitsCatalog

number: SN-002. We currently use QIAGEN All prep, but I amwondering if this would be better

for small starting volumes. Below please findmy information.


Yes, we had the opportunity to test it and we liked it. It was great for quick proteinextraction.

The yield was very reasonable. I asked my technician to request aquote. Thanks.

--Vanessa  Ponce School of Medicine


Dear INVENT Biotechnologies,

Iwould be very interested in buing your:Total Protein Extraction

(For Animal Cells/Tissues) SD-001/ SN-002. I had an opportunity to use it when Iworked at

PENN (Philadelphia. My question is: Can you ship it to Europe? (Maybethere is some other

company which sells your products. Currently I'm working ona project in Poland and I would

like to use your kit since I think it's thebest. Please, let me know about shipping price and

estimated time.

--Lucas   Medical University of Lodz



We tried already Minute™ Total Protein Extraction Kit for Plant Tissues, and it works great.

Is it possible to have a sample for Chloroplast andMitochondria isolation please?

We are going to order two more kit for Total ProteinExtraction Kit for Plant Tissues, so maybe

you can include the sample in thesame shipping box. Thank you,



It works like a charm!

--Crystal,USDA, Lincoln, Nebraska




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