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Detect Agrobacterium vitis in an early and easy way
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Detect Agrobacterium vitis in an early and easy way



Agrobacterium vitis is responsible for crown gall disease of grapevine. Due to the fact that this bacterium can

be transmitted by planting material, the phytosanitary reglementation of some importer countries is more and

more rigorous and requires specific analysis. The Qualiplante kit facilitates your analysis and ensures you

can export or import healthy grapevine plants.



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              Triplex End-Point PCR kit



"The major symptoms of infection by Agrobacterium vitis are galls found on the lower trunk, near the soil line,

but galls can also develop slightly below the soil surface, or extend up to 1-m height. Infected plants produce

inferior shoots, and portions of the vine above the gall may die. A. vitis mainly enters the plant through

wounds caused by freezing, so climatic conditions favouring freeze injury also favour infection by A. vitis.

Contaminated planting material can, however, also be a source of inoculum."

Source: EPPO Bulletin 32, 367-369



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Product informations ;

Size : 25 rxn (#PCR.AgVit-25Liq) & 100 rxn (#PCR.AgVit-100Liq)

Detection: permits to detect Agrobacterium vitis and Agrobacterium tumefaciens (virulent strain)

Plant matrices: leaves, wood, roots

Included in the kit: ready-made master mix, positive and negative controls, diagnostic protocol, quality



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