Antigen-specific B Cells, Explore B-cell Immunity


Understanding antigen-specific B-cell immunity represents a valuable approach to examine immune

responses to infection. Emerging technologies for B-cell immune profiling rely on the detection of B cells

based on B-cell receptor (BCR) recognition [1]. DNA barcoded antigens in combination with the 10x

Genomics Feature Barcode  technology were adopted to obtain simultaneous information on the BCR

sequences, antigen specificity, and genomic profiling at the single cell level [2].


With Klickmer™ and dCODE® Klickmer, you can now attach biotinylated pathogen-specific antigens to a

Dextramer backbone, generating a high-valence reagent to detect antigen-specific B cells based on BCR

recognition. The compatibility of dCODE Klickmer with the 10x Genomics Feature Barcode protocol for Single

Cell Immune Profiling also allows to obtain BCR sequencing and genomic profiling at single cell resolution.


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Selected References for B-cell Analysis:

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