Induction of cytokines is a significant problem associated with nucleic acid delivery systems. This induction is the result of specific nucleic acid sequence as well as the nature of the delivery system.  InVivoPlex˘â –TUMOR shows very low level of cytokine induction when delivering an siRNA oligonucleotide, and most importantly also plasmid DNA containing CpG motifs.  In addition, InVivoPlex˘â –TUMOR has a very good safety profile, including low liver toxicity unlike other in vivo delivery system reagents for nucleic acids.



Low Cytokine Induction. Nude mice bearing U87 tumors treated i.v. with 60 ug nucleic acid: DOTAP polyI:C positive control (red) InVivoPlexTM –TUMOR with pCI-Luc (blue) or Qiagen All-star negative siRNA (brown), plasma cytokine levels after 6 hr. n=6 (vehicle control n=3)